Since opening our doors in 2011 we have carried out over 1200 instructions. In the vast majority of cases we have, without the additional expense to our clients of going to going to Tribunal, obtained advantageous agreements including;

Islington N1

Freeholder demanded £325,000. Agreement negotiated at £210,000 saving £115,000.

St Johns Wood NW8

Leaseholder client buying freehold of house. Freeholder demanded £375,000. Agreement negotiated at £248,000 saving £127,000.

Tooting SW17

Leaseholder clients buying freehold of two flats.  Council freeholders, demanded £110,000 reduction negotiated to £32,000 saving £78,000.


Two leaseholder clients buying freehold of their flats in Croydon. Freeholder demanded £46,000 but reduction achieved to £14,000, saving £32,000.

South Kensington SW7

Freeholder of flat demanding a premium of £394,000, cost of lease extension negotiated down to circa £81,000 saving around £313,000.

Richmond Upon-Thames

Freeholder demanded £58,000 premium for lease extension. We negotiated a price of £13,000 saving client £45,000.

In these cases we obtained total savings of £710,000 against the demands of the various Freeholders.

Give us the chance to make similar savings for you!

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