You qualify collective enfranchisement if:

  • Two-thirds of the flats must be owned by “qualifying tenants”, that is Leaseholders whose leases were initially granted for at least 21 years.
  • The participating Leaseholders, those Leaseholders who want to join in the enfranchisement, must own at least half of the flats in the building, and they must own at least two flats in total. For this purpose, it does not matter whether they live in the flat or not, and it does not matter whether the flat is owned by an individual or a company.
  • A Leaseholder cannot participate if he owns three flats or more in the building. All the flats owned by such a person must be discounted for the purpose of calculation whether the Leaseholders reach the “one half” threshold.

If the building is partly non-residential, Leaseholders cannot enfranchise if the non-residential element is more than 25% of the building. A building converted into four flats or less with a resident landlord may not qualify for enfranchisement.

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