We are very grateful for our clients' unsolicited testimonials. Even though our web presence is important, most of our work will always come from personal recommendations.

We are proud of a reputation that has taken years to build, both as individual surveyors and as a company and want to share their comments with you. We abbreviate names here for reasons of privacy, but the original comments are available for inspection at our head office.


You are always incredibly efficient and reliable

Returning Client - SW11
Lease Extension

We found you and your colleagues at Capital Leasehold Surveyors to be very professional throughout and we are hoping you will be able to help us again with other properties in the future

Leon - SW11
Lease Extension

I would like to thank you for the really excellent advice and service you gave me through out the lease extension process.

I was really nervous but your knowledge and expertise in the matters was reassuring and really helpful.

I will let you know once it is all completed.

RG from Maidenhead
Lease Extension

I just wanted to say thank you for your work. I wish I could of exchanged. Very pleased with your service!

Brad from Sydney
Buying short lease flat in Chiswick and had lease extension report and inspection done but did not exchange

Thanks for your efforts on this.

EW of SW12
Leaseholder of flat in Balham upon our successful negotiations in obtaining the lease extension at a fair price.

Thank you very much for this comprehensive and speedily prepared report.

SS of Grange Park N21
Advising Leaseholders joining in a formal collective enfranchisement claim to force the freeholder to sell them the freehold at a fair price.

Many thanks for your speedy response.

CH of SW19
Leaseholder of a flat in Wimbledon wanting advice upon the fair cost of their 90 year lease extension.

I'm really impressed with the speed you have got the report to us so many thanks for such swift preparation. I am really pleased S recommended you and will definitely recommend you on in future

AL of SW17
Advising the Leaseholder who was selling in a matter of days, we acted very quickly in order that the sale was not delayed by the lease extension issue.

Many thanks for all your help - it has been very much appreciated!

JR of SW4
Leaseholder of a flat in Clapham upon our successful conclusion of the negotiations for the cost of the lease extension at a fair price.

Many thanks for attending to this so quickly. I will serve the Notice now.

KM of SW11
A firm of Solicitors requiring an inspection of the property and valuation advice for their client in order to serve Notice within a five day deadline.

Your quick response and delivery of your report enabled our sale to exchange without any further delay.

JF of SW6
The vendor of a flat in Fulham who was moving to France.

Thank you for all your help with the acquisition of the Freehold of our house in Kensington

GA of W8
The Leaseholder of a house in Kensington upon the successful outcome of our negotiations to buy the Freehold.

That is fantastic news and a great way of going into the weekend! Thank you so much for all your help and yes I can confirm that I am happy to accept this offer

MN of W11
The Leaseholder of a flat in Notting Hill with our successful negotiations with the freeholder to obtain a fair price for the 90 year lease extension.

It was good to meet with you and I was very impressed with the amount of lease extension experience you have in the Kensington & Chelsea area

SP in SW3
The Leaseholder of a portfolio of flats requiring lease extensions throughout The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.

It has been a pleasure to deal with you throughout the lease extension process.

PB of SW7
The Leaseholder of a flat in Onslow Square upon the successful conclusion of our negotiations to obtain the lease extension at a fair price.

Thank you so much for all your invaluable help – hate to imagine where we’d be now without it!

Mrs JT of Fulham SW6
A tricky lease extension successfully negotiated in Hammersmith & Fulham.

Many thanks for your help & advice on my lease extension. Your input was invaluable

PI of Notting Hill W11
About our Lease Extension & Leasehold Enfranchisement service in Kensington & Chelsea.

An excellent outcome for which a very big thank you for a job very well done.

AR of Pimlico SW1
A Westminster house owner about our Lease Extension & Leasehold Enfranchisement service.

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