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We take pride in the work we undertake, providing a personal service that meets modern demands whilst maintaining traditional standards. Partner contact and accessibility is of prime importance to us and our clients.

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We are still inspecting when it is safe to do so. The health and safety of our people, our clients and the people we liaise with is our top priority. Our Surveyors and Valuers are working from home and travel privately to and from inspections. All utilise PPE including hand sanitizer and gloves. Find out more >>

Our services

We take pride in the work we undertake, providing a personal service that meets modern demands whilst maintaining traditional standards. Partner contact and accessibility is of prime importance to us and our clients.

House - Buy Freehold

The Leasehold Reform Act 1967 gave leaseholders of some, mostly small, houses the right of Enfranchisement (to buy their freehold). That right was extended to include larger houses, by legislation including The Housing Act 1974 and The Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993. Further changes were introduced.

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Flats - Extend a Lease

There are a number of bases of valuation dependent upon the date of the lease and archaic tests. The price of the Freehold can vary widely according to the basis of value applicable and it is important that this is established at the start of the process. If you own the Lease or are the Freeholder, we offer free expert advice and guidance.

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Flats - Buy a Share of Freehold

Leasehold (Collective) Enfranchisement procedures can seem complicated. Our service offer expert assistance to Leaseholders or Freeholders on all matters relating to Freehold Purchase or Freehold Sale through Collective Enfranchisement or where the Freeholder wishes to sell and is required to offer Leaseholders their Right of First Refusal.

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Lease Extension Calculator

Our calculator is designed to give you an estimated range of the fair premium for a lease extension for a flat using the parameters of relativity derived respectively from data for settlements compiled by practitioners as set out within the RICS Research Document on Leasehold reform published October 2009

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Other Services (Capital Chartered Surveyors & Valuers)

Capital Chartered Surveyors & Valuers are proud to complement the personal service provided by Capital Leasehold . Our aim is to meet modern demands whilst maintaining traditional standards.

Please click on the appropriate link below to access further information, guidance and advice.

Other services are provided through Capital Chartered Surveyors & Valuers, leaving Capital Leasehold to focus on Lease Extension and Enfranchisement.

The partners have a wealth of experience in a wide range of other professional matters and are proud to offer a full range of Surveying and Valuation services..

Building/Structural Surveys

A Building Survey (or Structural Survey as it was previously known) is a detailed inspection of each of the external and internal elements of a property, as far as they are accessible. Once the inspection is completed a comprehensive written report is provided to you that include photographs of particular issues of concern.

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RICS HomeBuyer Reports

The RICS HomeBuyer Report is suitable for simple, traditional properties that appear in reasonable condition and includes an opinion of market value. It identifies what the Surveyor considers to be the most important issues and applies a condition rating to the defects identified.

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ATED/ARPT Valuations

As with other tax valuations the use of a professional, qualified Valuer is essential. As they say; "HMRC will be able to enquire into returns and challenge valuations but they will normally be able to accept valuations prepared by a professional property Valuer."

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Mortgage/Loan Valuations

When providing a valuation we seek to provide an objective and balanced assessment of a property's suitability for loan security. All valuations for secured lending are undertaken in accordance with the RICS Valuation Professional Standards incorporating the International Valuation Standards (The Red Book).

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Capital Gains Tax Valuations

Valuations used in clients' tax calculations should be calculated on the correct basis, using best practice and experienced Valuers. Capital Chartered has HMRC trained Directors who are well versed in preparing historic valuations including 31st March 1982 valuations as well as undertaking negotiations with the District Valuer.

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General Valuations

Some of the general valuation services we offer include the valuation of roof spaces and side returns, the valuation of garden land, Charities Act valuations, French Wealth Tax valuations, Staircasing valuations and valuations for when one party wishes to buy out another (for example, where the property is jointly owned).

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Inheritance Tax/Probate Valuations

HMRC now strongly recommend that in matters of IHT, a professional, qualified, Valuer is used to ensure the valuation is as accurate as possible and based on their view that; "There can be no assurance that a valuation from a selling estate agent will be sufficient."

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